#hashtagbacklash : Why The Gillette Ad Failed To Launch

Can a hashtag change the world? Yes. #MeToo did. Can the same hashtag help in selling products? Maybe, maybe not. The latest object of the #MeToo backlash is what’s considered to be one of the manliest brands the world has known – Gillette. Its latest ad features beautiful visuals and an emotional soundtrack, yet a large swath of its target audiences were left with mixed…

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10 FAQs about video advertising online

People today spend five times more time in watching a video online than reading content, a 2018 Facebook study revealed. Even when it comes to spending time online, people spend one-third of their time watching videos. What has changed? A lot of things – –          Easy access to Internet. In many countries, there are free wi-fi zones –          Abundance of low-resolution videos that load easily…

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The 5 briefs you need to give your production agency for the best video campaign?

Why should you care about the brief so much? Because often the quality of your brief has a direct connection with the quality of your campaign. Let’s get down to it – Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Brief 1: Building consumer empathy While the video production company will research on its own, it’s great if you tell their team about your consumers. This will help build empathy…

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5 mistakes to avoid in your video campaign

You cannot execute a video while thinking like a newspaper ad. Ask any video production company in New York about video campaigns, and they will tell you how a 360-degree approach is crucial. This is not a fad, it’s the need of the hour.  It means not leaving a single stone unturned in making a video ad campaign work because video production takes time, money…

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Considering #MeToo in your ad campaign? Check out these advertising cliches first!

Considering #MeToo in your ad campaign? Check out these advertising cliches first! Three decades ago, a dish washer liquid brand irked then 11-year-old Meghan Markle. So much so that she wrote a letter to the then first lady Hillary Clinton and to a few of her favourite TV show women hosts. She also wrote to the soap manufacturing company for engaging in such a TV…

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United Nations’ Cyber Attack Campaign: The Subtle Art of Conveying A Strong Message

  There’s a lot of nuance that goes into creating a powerful message – a message that impacts the world, a message that can be life-changing. United Nations succeeds in accomplishing this feat by weaving the message around cyber security in a beautifully crafted story.   If you had to issue an important warning without scaring the general public, what would you do? UN’s latest…

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Video Production Estimates and The One Trick You Need To Learn

or How Ad Executives Can Find The Best Production Companies That Offer Reaesonable Pricing and Premier Quality Knowing what information to relay, and relaying that information clearly and uniformly across all the vendors you are considering for your project will help you get the correct video production estimates and identify the one that offers best value. There is no way for you to compare costs and…

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Video Content and The Social Media Manager

Branded video content can’t just be entertainment or we’ll watch it and not think of your brand at all, and it can’t be just about your brand, for then it is an ad, and we won’t want to watch it to begin with. In this post a social media manager looking to create video content  Creating engaging video content that will hold the attention of…

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On TV Commercial Production Companies, Sriracha and An Intern Named Martin

As one of the few premier TV commercial production companies in New York and Los Angeles Sinema Films has been delighting advertising and brand executives with our TV work. Our clients have come to expect that our work will shatter the TV screen, fly through the living room and like fine dust after desert storm, settle calmly into the consumer’s memory, boosting brand recognition and all other nice metrics.

Really? Your clients expect all of this drama?
Yes.  In that exact order.
And you know what’s the best part of this?

What’s the best part of this ?
Our campaigns deliver. All. Of. This. And then some more.
Because we are Sinema Films.
Because our creatives have won several awards on the TV production campaigns they have worked on.
Because our creatives live for the moment when you will call in and deliver the news that the campaign has pushed sales beyond the nice metrics you had set.

Tell me more.
We have 6 Tellys, 3 Cannes and more than 14 spots for the Super Bowl.

So … what does that have to do with me  ?
So … we are one of the few TV commercial production companies that is committed to good work that actually sells goods.
So … we are one of an even smaller group of TV commercial production companies that is committed to producing not just any other TV campaign, but one that will burst onto the TV screens and snatch market share from right under the noses of your competitors.

Thanks for the note. But our name is not All Creative Companies.

Seriously ? Will you do that ?
Until we have stolen that market share, we won’t rest easy and will probably end up paying good money to shrinks to ease this anxiety. So we just prefer to do awesome work and smash your competition. Then head to The Standard and celebrate.

In 140 characters or less – all together now : We are here to steal the show. And hand you the victory. #areYOUready #[email protected]

That’s what all creative companies say.
Thanks for the note. But our name is not All Creative Companies.
We are Sinema Films.

Who are your past clients ?
Suzuki. Mazda.
Starr Insurance. IronFX.
Beautyblender. Erno Laszlo.
Tide. Nike.
Tech start ups. Fortune 500. Inc 5000.

Can I just talk to a producer? Who wrote this copy? Is there an adult at this company ?
Please email our producers at [email protected].
Our producers will email you right back. They are adults … I think ?

btw :
Our intern Martin from NYU wrote this copy. He has the dirt on everyone in the office, and unless it was posted verbatim, he promised to release that dirt on the net … so here we are.

I see. Please keep Martin away from me. What is your creative process ? Do you have a secret sauce?
We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients.
As a TV commercial production company we begin each business partnership with one simple question : Are we treating our clients in the way that we would like to be treated ?
Are we delivering results that we would want if we were on the other side of the table ? Does this steal the show and hand you the victory … You get the idea.

From this Golden Rule, clients have grown into genuine friends and supporters of our work.
On sauces, we like Sriracha. It’s not hidden or anything, we keep it in the fridge. Not sure if that makes it a secret sauce … but yeah ..

In  a few words, why should I give you my business?
During each production our producers are working around the clock to make sure the TV spot looks just slightly better than perfect. We are the hardest working TV commercial production company on both East and West Coast, period. To quote a modern sage, some call it arrogance, we call it confidence. (Beyoncé, circa 2008 )